Sing with Little Red Car “We are the monster trucks”


Kids you must be surely liking to watch cars, trucks, as well as racing between them so ‘kids channel’ is here with “We are the monster trucks” Video. In this video, their is a little red car who is also a fan of Monster truck like you all and want to be a monster truck and how he tries to copy things has shown in the above video which will be definitely entertaining and even has a compilation of many videos that will make you to learn by enjoying like colors name, and many more educational related matter.


Monster Truck Destroyer

Ever thought that a monster truck could teach kids? Kids channel re- defines educational content with our exclusive array of monster trucks. Each video teaches children various concepts for e.g. in this video the child will learn the English Alphabet.

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Five Little Babies

Kids Channel’s Little Red Car and his siblings love to cause mischief. This fun new twist to the old classic ‘Five Little Monkeys’ helps children understand the importance of discipline and obedience. It is an ideal way of introducing the term ‘No More…’ a phrase that can be very useful for parents and teachers a like.

The simplest way to enjoy this rhyme is to sing the rhyme a long with the video with appropriate hand gestures. Preschoolers can form groups and enact the rhyme after viewing the accompanying educational video.

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Monster Truck Dan And His Alphabet Adventure

Meet Monster Truck Dan the fun loving monster truck who loves to help his friends and explore the environment around him. With episodes ranging from 2 mins to 10 mins kids learn valuable life lessons and important educational concepts.This adventure series is specially designed for toddlers keeping in mind their over zealous imaginations and their undying curiosity.

In this video Monster Truck Dan meets all his friends from A to Z across town. The alphabets have been specially designed as characters so that they can be easily learnt by kids.

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